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Walking home from school without one friend to keep her company was starting to make this teenager wonder if she had made a mistake?
Shelby works to stay fit

It is Thursday April 14, 1988:  This sixteen-year-old teenage girl has most always led a happy life here in Cedarville, Missouri. Shelby Gore is the captain of the A-String Cheerleaders for football, baseball and basketball. Track is a different story, the coach who is, and has been a “good friend”, talked her into participating. Out running the boys and other girls was a piece of cake, pole vaulting, broad jump was all easy for me. I’m a very healthy 5-foot-8-inch package that gets noticed.

Okay, maybe I have cheated:  Just a little by using the track up at “The Hill” complex to practice running flat-out for two miles every afternoon. Then using my own family gym in our basement at home. Absolutely amazing, my ability with two green (52.8 pound) kettlebells, some days swapping them for a pair of reds. One reason I just love going to The Hill, there seems to be NO dress code. Plus, The Hill is where my horse Melon is kept and cared for. We go riding most every day down to the small lake in the woods.

There was one school friend that had always been there to back up my crazy ideas. Susie Wilson is a Senior:  Shorty (she is only five foot tall), lives only two houses west of our home on Main Street. We played together for years. I got a horse for my seventh birthday; the people at The Hill provided a horse for her.

Susie and I went riding down to the private lake most every day.

Boys, we both took to liking boys early on, I was nine and Susie was ten. On Friday nights these two girls would throw a party at Shelby’s home; it has something to do with having a twelve-person hot tub on the back screened in porch with the drop-down bad weather curtains and an outside fireplace. There is only one guy who I really want to impress, and some people do not want me to be happy; okay so he’s a little older and seems to have a relationship with my part-time friend Kare-Ann Young.

As you grow older:  You realize some things have to change. My parents, my friend Kare-Ann Young and the whole Sanders family gave me several strong lectures. Cut-out the PARTIES if you want to date a certain guy. Maybe the company’s Fourth of July Picnic if you play your cards right.

Monday, September 28, 1987:  I told Susie and all my friends there would be NO more parties. That went over like a lead balloon. I’d had one heck of a date for Friday September 25th. But NOW, not even Susie will speak to me at church on Sundays. Not one boy has asked this blonde-haired cutie out since that last party.

New Year’s Eve with no other alternatives:  I had to go to the company party at The Hill, not one teenage boy. Willie wasn’t even there; he was at a party at Mtn. High. So, this very disappointed young female danced with Gus Gore. My dad works as third shift supervisor at the local steel plant. Then, I snuck a couple glasses of 1859 Champaign. Hey I was lonesome, so I danced with Ted Sanders the Chairman of the Cedarville State Bank. When I suggested a way to liven up the festivities, he accepted. I offered an idea with my friend Jodie, we took Ted for an after-midnight swim in the large outside heated pool. It was fun, all swimming nude, and he and Jodie are married. but then the other wife Jessie showed up and took the other two home.

On New Year’s Day, my parents let me stay in bed to sleep off the other bottle of Champaign I’d helped to kill. 1859 must have been a GREAT year for fine wine.

Now, this is my sophomore year:  I already have my second Letterman jacket covered with pins and patches. None of the other girls have a jacket to compare with my accomplishments.

Susie Wilson

Still, not one date Since New Year’s Eve and there were NO BOYS. Then I had to go to the company party given up on The Hill. A nude swim with Jodie and Ted can’t be counted. Nothing happened, Jodie made sure of that. Then Jessie the other wife had shown up to take Ted and Jodie home. I didn’t get invited to participate in what could’ve been FUN.

Now, it’s Thursday April 14th just after 3:30 P.M.:  I didn’t change clothes after PE Class. The clothes are comfortable, and it’s just a few blocks till I’ll be home. Why change clothes, I’ll be changing again in just a few minutes anyway?

This time last year, I had more friends than any red-blooded American girl had need for. Now, I’m down to the Colonels Jessica Sanders and Jodie Meyer, two older married women who catch me most days up at The Hill where they live.

Every month as long as I can remember they have come over to the house. My Mom does work on her basement computer, and they come by to check everything over and just talk.

“Damned Idiot!”

Shelby Gore
Shelby Gore

This teenage girl must learn how to Fight organized crime to the DEATH, her life depends on it, NOW!

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