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Shelby dresses better
The Royal Daughter

Okay, Shelby is rather Cute!

Blonde, 5’8″ with absolutely gorgeous all-over tan, 135 pounds with small D-cups, large, pierced nipples and likes to show off what she’s got. At age 16 most girls are just starting to Date boys, but this girl started at age 9. Her friend Susie at age 10, had been sneaking out every Saturday night. Going to the drive-in theater at Simple City with high school boys old enough to drive. Both of these girls developed early, filled out to look much older than their young ages. They know how to dress to be noticed.

Shelby wanted to know ALL the details, since she’d just seen a man at church. He is her dad’s boss, but she has this longing deep down inside her very soul. She was showing a jealous streak, he was with one of the most beautiful women in their town. How can this young girl get his attention?

but, So is Susie at only 5'0"

Good thing these two girls are best friends, both are in LOVE with older men, which can lead to major problems when they decide to take action. Why are organized crime bosses willing to risk their very lives to get rid of these two teen-age girls? Yes, organized crime does exist down in Missouri’s Ozark Hills. Murder, drugs, and teenage prostitution makes lots of CASH for the crime bosses.

Susie Wilson
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