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Shelby LeAnn Gore-Johnson

Shelby Gore turned 50 September 28th, 2021

If you have read the first book: The Dreams of Shelby Gore“, you already know this girl, uh lady is Special. When she was just 16, the Chief of Staff of the USAF wanted to blow her, her friends, and family into the next world. Shelby and Willie were wiping out entire crime organizations and creating too many good paying jobs for ordinary honest people.

Shelby is no angel, she was born right here on Earth, at the age of one she was adopted by the Gores and moved to Cedarville, Missouri. Marcella and Gus Gore traveled to Bogota, Colombia to pick up their little girl from her birth mother, a woman they already knew well.

At this young age, little Shelby could walk, talk, and use a big folk’s computer. Marcella found out the very next day the one-year-old could swim the length of the half mile long pool without getting tired. Momma’s friend, Jodie Meyer had asked the new mother to bring little Shelby up to The Hill, a high security resort for the very rich. At the end of her one-mile round trip swim, the baby girl wasn’t even breathing hard.

When little Shelby was four, she and Momma were playing out in the yard like they did most every day.

They were playing Annie-Over ball, Momma was in the front yard, Shelby was in the back yard. Momma would yell out “Annie-Over” and throw the big red ball over the roof. The little girl had to figure out where the ball would be coming over the roof and try to catch it. They had played for an hour or so, but now nothing was happening. This was not right, Momma should have called out.

Something’s WRONG! Why was her Momma not calling out like she had always done before?

Momma had not called for several minutes, so little four-year-old Shelby started around the east side of their house to the front yard. Meeting up with an evil man who was dragging Momma by the hair toward the backyard. “Mister, don’t hurt my Mommy!

He tried to backhand the little pest, but somehow, she grabbed his arm flipping herself through the air, and was now firmly sitting on his shoulders. Tommy Walters let go of the woman, what did this damned kid think she is doing. She had one little hand on his chin and the other on the top of his head. This pesky brat was getting in his way, he’d came to Cedarville to kill Marcella Prine.

God! …the pain, he could no longer see. Somehow, she had ripped his head off his body, jumping to the ground still holding the severed head. This little girl waited for the man’s body to drop.

When his body hit the ground in a sitting position with his hands outstretched. Little Shelby placed his head in his hands: “Hey mister, did that hurt?

Completely soaked in the man’s blood, the four-year-old little girl ran to her Mommy to see if she was okay. Kneeling down, Momma hugged her little girl, saying a short prayer of Thanksgiving for keeping them both safe. Marcella had already called the Sanders wives, who had already realized something was bad wrong. The 6-member Security Detail came running around the east end of the house knowing something was terribly wrong. Were mother and daughter, okay? They had their orders, and the cleanup would be a challenge. Three years earlier these six had been warned, the little girl would be a hand full. How could she have the strength to rip a grown man’s head from his body?

Their orders were simple and straight forward: not to question, just do whatever is needed!

4-year-old Shelby
4 yr old Shelby
Marcella Gore 22
Marcella Gore age 22

Take our little darling to the basement and both of you get cleaned up. There is a Mercedes sedan on the way, take it to Ava and spend the rest of your day at the park she likes so much. If she wants to talk, tell her she did a great job. Be back in Cedarville before dark and come up to The Hill so we can talk about what we find out.

We’ll have your car checked out to make sure it’s ok.” the young mother didn’t ask questions, just did as she was being instructed.

When Tommy Walters cell on death-row was checked, guards found him sitting on the floor holding his severed head. Blood was everywhere, even on the ceiling. This meant he must have been killed by somebody within the Jefferson City State Prison.

The computer system on the right is what I us to write this story. It’s a Gateway I bought on-sale at Walmart, with an added 24″ HP monitor mounted on a pole arm support system from Amazon. I use a Microsoft ergonomic keyboard, a Logitech mouse, and a 2T and 500G external drives. Amazon’s Eero Wi-Fi connector lets me use the full 200 Mbps internet I’m paying for. Get ready, there is a new book in the works: read about it at

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In our next Book: “Escape from HELL!” You’ll learn how 14-year-old Marcella Prine survived four years of living in Hell on Earth. How she and Gus Gore met, after only part of one night together, then couldn’t see each other for two more years. Being witness to multiple murders over a period of four years, she knew what she was told were NOT idle threats. Go see Gus Gore again ever, you’ll both die a terrible death, and you’ll have to watch as I kill him. Tommy had to keep Marcy working, she was being requested by several clients, cute, sexy, young blonde who could make any man or woman happy. This girl was enjoying her work to the point she could give a heart attack to anyone not in reasonably good health.

Marcy had no friends, living at the Greene County Home for Run-away Girls, each girl was kept busy taking care of benefactors. Men and women willing to pay up to $1,000 for a night with a young girl. The whole object was work hard, so you would not be the next girl to vanish from the home. Only one way to leave, with every ounce of your blood in a jar and the rest of your body cut in pieces thrown in a dumpster somewhere. Marcy had witnessed a girl she had known from school her first week tortured until she couldn’t scream anymore and died.

Ellen Foster was different, she needed help learning the basics of being a good teenage whore. Until she came here, she’d never been with a boy. Tommy took great pleasure breaking her in for her new lifestyle with his wife Carol helping. Then Ellen was sent to the farm with a dozen outlaw bikers, Marcy could remember what that was like. She’d been sent to the farm twice, last time she bled for weeks. When she returned, Ellen couldn’t eat most food, her throat was raw, as was everything else. She and Ellen talked about finding a way to leave. Ellen didn’t live that long.

14-year-old Marcy Prine
14-year-old Marcy Prine