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Growing Up in a Small Town...

Coming to Cedarville September 28th, 1972 at the age of one year old, was quite a change for this little girl. The large ranch-style house setting back 150 feet off of Main Street, was “Comphy!” as this little child exclaimed. A large fenced in back yard was plenty of room for a little girl to play, but the 12-person spa was “Special!”

Gus and Marcella Gore had lived through several very bad experiences in Springfield. Now all the bad things lay far behind them, just moving here from Springfield, for Gus’s new job at Cedarville Steel. Their old home was sold to someone at the local church where they had met two years earlier. They didn’t see each other for the next two years, all they could do was pray and stay alive. Coming to Cedarville with just a few belongings, their clothes were moved to the new home. This house came with really nice all new furniture, the appliances were all top of the line, and the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets were filled when they arrived.

Their first night in the new house was like living in a dream, the house had just been remodeled, everything was brand new. It came with two master-suites, king-size waterbeds, a propane incinerator in the basement. Out on the over-size screened-in back-porch was a 12-person hot-tub spa and a propane outdoor fireplace. Back down in the basement were a fully outfitted gym, and a state-of-the-art home office complete with two of the advanced computers Marcella had used while working in Springfield.

Just over a month earlier, they had spent a week with little Shelby, getting acquainted with her wants and needs. This was no ordinary child of her age, she was used to having everything done her own way, she is SPECIAL…

The very next day after arriving in the new town, they had an appointment twelve miles north at Mtn. High. Trade in Gus’s older pickup for the new company provided pickup, and a Buick sedan for Marcella. Their little girl would be coming to her new home soon and they had to be ready.

Beautiful and Peaceful
Shelby Gore is Cute
Gus & Marcie
Gus & Marcella Gore

When the young couple reached the dealership, the place was busy and took a while to find a place to park. Holding hands, they went in and checked with the receptionist. She told them where they could see the 4×4 pickups, only look at the ones with leather interior. Almost a quarter mile from the office, this dealership was humongous. Can you imagine seeing every brand and model on Earth in one location.

They located the Chevrolet section; someone gave a shrill whistle to get their attention. A casually dressed, cute young coffee skinned woman was motioning for them to join her a short distance away.

“Hi, I’m T-era, Ted Sanders asked me to take care of his friends personally. Cedarville Steel is providing you Gus, with a GMC 4-wheel drive, leather interior, and custom trim package. I thought you might like this white truck, sun visor, custom wheels, and upgraded tires. It also has the pearlescent paint.” the cute, short coffee skinned woman explained.

“Thanks, but I’m just to get a plain-jane Chevy, no need for any of the extras, maybe AC.” Gus stated, though the GMC was very nice. He didn’t want to over-do the great deal he was already getting. A new truck before he even started his new job, was a little hard to believe, so he did not want to push his luck. The gorgeous house furnished, making Supervisor to start his first night. Marcella would be provided with a great car, and the money she had made working in Springfield for just three months. WOW! Just having Marcella for his wife was a miracle, she looks like a model out of Playboy or some other men’s magazine.

Every man who sees her remarks about her long-tanned legs and gorgeous hair. She dresses to make him very proud of his lady. Whenever the doorbell rings with it’s extended chimes, she answers it bikini bottom and topless. They get a lot of male visitors, delivery men, postal employees, local police wanting to know if everything is OK. To say the least, Marcella Gore is NOT bashful, she knows she sizzles.

Marcella age 18
Marcella Gore age 18

“Maybe Ted didn’t explain things to you very well, he has one bank, I own three. This is my dealership and we do not want our little princes having to feel like some common little child. GMC with a few extras is what you are to get. This vehicle is ready to be driven home, now we need to find the Buick for Marcella.” T-era explained. “I have a golf cart that I use to run around this lot.”

That did save time and Marcella in her short olive-green mini-dress could get a better look at more cars, “Oh, Marcella, I can see you like that turquoise Rivera, want to take it for a drive?” T-era inquired, looking like anything but a car dealer in her black leather mini-skirt.

Marcella had her desires under control: “I’m to get a 4-door sedan, standard interior; I do not need anything like that.” but it was one beautiful car though. Only a few months earlier, she was taken to meet paying clients, delivered in a chauffer-driven limo. Then afterward taken back to the Girls’ Home, not knowing what BAD ordeal could be awaiting her return.

“The General and I are both board members of the company that Gus is working for. The little sweety you have agreed to raise is extremely important to all of us. Anytime the Sanders wives can’t answer your questions to your satisfaction, just call me. The Rivera is yours for the next two years, then we trade.”

“I’ll get the paperwork sent on over to Ted with the trade-in check for your old truck; you two have a safe trip back to Cedarville. Enjoy your new vehicles, and remember all service is included as long as you have our products.”

Back in Cedarville, the Gores stopped by the bank to report what had taken place to Ted Sanders who had already received the lease contracts, and check for Gus’s old truck was already deposited in their personal joint account.

Then back home, off with their clothes, and try making out in the hot tub for their first time. This was like being on their honeymoon all over again. She had not even asked how much Gus was being paid at work. The money she was getting paid to work at home, no clothes required, in her basement office was hard enough for Marcella to relate to.

T-era Rodriquez
Baby Shelby
Baby Shelby

The Day this young couple had been waiting for finally came. Marcella and Gus arrived dressed like going to church, at The Hill resort’s airstrip just before 6 a.m. as instructed by the Sanders trio. Dr. Gary Eakins and Rochelle’s plane, landed at exactly 6:30 on the dot, they boarded for the trip to Bogota. The Eakins pilots waited for the Gores to get buckled in, neither had ever been in a jet before. This was no ordinary jet, much larger than it looked from the outside, and much faster.

This was no ordinary jet plane; it took off straight up to 200 feet, there was a flash of light. Everything changed in perspective, now the interior was 33 feet wide in the round craft. At 62,000 feet they leveled off and headed south at 7,500 mph; in less than 30 minutes they were landing in Bogota, Colombia at the gigantic PSL Holdings LTD complex. This is their world headquarters and covers several square miles.

About an hour passed before the Sanders trio arrived with the birth mother and little daughter. Little Shelby clung to her mother, not outgoing like the last time the Gores had spent time with this little darling. Su-ZQ assured the small child that she would enjoy living in the upper world. This is where she was born to live, Shelby would be happy living in her new home. This little family from south Missouri will soon reach their new home.

Everything was a new experience for their little girl. She wanted to know how many horses live at your home? No horses, how do you travel from place to place? What is a car? How big is our castle? How will we get to the Tabernacle for daily services? How many are in our household staff that cares for our family? What does my Daddy do for work?

Just as soon as they cleared the front door of their home, the little girl exclaimed: “Got go potty, NOW!” Marcella had picked up an adapter kit for one toilet but had not gotten it installed yet.

While she was reading the instructions, Shelby lifted the seat up and down to see how it works. She looked over the parts laying on the floor, grabbed a screwdriver, installed the parts. Then jumped up and landed on the stool. “Need a step up for next time.”

Next, she wanted to know where her bedroom is? Seeing the big king-size waterbed, she took off running, jumped up doing a somersault in mid air, landing in the middle of the bed. Landing on her back she wallowed, exclaiming: “Comphy!

baby Shelby
Baby Shelby