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Community of Christ Church, Springfield, Missouri


Pastor & Founder: DR. GARY EAKINS

Dr Gary Eakins
Dr. Gary Eakins

Hello, I’m Dr. Gary Eakins, with my lovely wife Rochelle, we’d like to WELCOME you to the Community of Christ Church which opened here in Springfield in 1957. You will find our services refreshing and different, and our average 2,000 attendees to be friendly and willing to help.

We believe our calling is to help those people who have needs. Our church maintains a fulltime staff of councilors, both spiritual and financial. Feeling depressed? Lost your job? Having health issues? …give us a call, we may be able to help.

If you need more education to increase your earning ability, we have many scholarship opportunities are available. Never think your circumstances are impossible, we are here to help.

Our people believe in making miracles happen, this may take some effort on our part. Is your business in financial trouble? Our councilors are able to help with reorganization of most business models. Rochelle and I are board members of PSL Holdings, LTD., Bogota, Colombia SA, making our resources virtually unlimited. As a church, we currently maintain over 1,000 business partnerships.

Here in the Springfield area, Rochelle and I have the Happy Trails Quarter Horse Ranch where we live. Rochelle has law offices, real estate management, and supervisory personnel for her 250 Designs by Rochelle stores worldwide.

Rochelle Eakins
History on this Couple

Dr. Gary Eakins

Dr. Eakins served as an under-study to Yeshua for 1,000 years. This gives him an unusual ability to understand and solve ordinary people’s problems. He came down to Bogota in 1957, to meet and marry his long betrothed. They moved to just north of Springfield, where Rochelle had built a 1200-acre quarter horse ranch.

Rochelle Eakins

Rochelle was age 17 when she became Michael the archangel’s assistant and companion. This assignment continued until 1902, when she agreed to exchange places with the GemStones. She assisted Prince William for 55 years. During this period she built a ranch, and developed worldwide the 250 stores of Designs by Rochelle.