Don't Mess with Shelby Gore!

Looking Good
Shelby dresses better

Cast of Characters

Susie Wilson

Marcella Prine-Gore

Shelby's adopted Mother

Life was good for this 14-year-old teenage girl, nice home in southeast Springfield overlooking Lake Springfield. Then, one night on my way back from the kitchen, I overheard my parents talking. My father’s Law Partner had become a Springfield Crime Boss: drugs, teenage prostitution, murder for hire.

Less than 24 hours later, the police came to my front door with papers, my parents were both dead, Tommy Walters was taking the house. I got put in a strait jacket after the officers raped me for hours, shoved into the back of a patrol car and delivered to the Greene County Home for Run-away Girls. The more I tried to fight my situation, the rougher I was treated. After having to watch girls I had known from before, tortured because they would not follow the rules. I learned what I had to do, keep my mouth shut and get to work. My cute young ass was being rented and I had to perform. After a few months I got into enjoying my work; sometimes!

I was now an orphan with no home and not one friend. Not even able to attend school full-time, my time for the next 4 years was filled with keeping Tommy Walters’ clients happy. Rich old men and politicians like to make it with cute young girls. Some treated me pretty nice, taking me out to dinner in expensive restaurants. Most times, I was told to get my clothes off, get on my knees and open my mouth, do what I was being paid to do. The customers paid Tommy directly, so I never saw two cents. When I did make it to school, there was only one way to pass my classes, keep my teachers of both sexes happy. Some of the teachers were really nice, they just wanted someone to be nice to them. They would give me little gifts and some spending money.

Both local and federal judges, the chief of police, the county attorney, and various Branson entertainers kept me quite busy. Good clothes, sometimes a meal in a nice restaurant. Mostly it was working to stay alive or get sent to the FARM with outlaw bikers to be retrained. There was nothing nice about Tommy Walters, he was 100% EVIL! His wife Carol was even worse with her 18-inch nightstick she liked to shove up a young girl’s ass until you were bleeding. I knew she tore something because I could feel it tearing. Be nice to the slave masters or it would start all over again. Even the worst of customers were much better than spending time with Tommy and Carol.

14-year-old Marcie
Marcella age 14
Marcy age 16
Marcella age 16

At the Greene County Home for Run-away Girls, I’ve heard girls that I knew scream for hours. Then they are gone, their blood is sent to the local blood bank, their body goes in a dumpster with the rest of the trash. This is the life many unfortunate young girls face every day of their short miserable lives.

When I was sixteen, one Sunday night I got this urge to go to the church I’d attended with my parents. Oh, I had a date, but the congressman got stood-up. It had been two years since the last time I was in this church. The back row would be a good place for a sinner like me to sit, and when Tommy finds out about this, he may kill me. BUT I knew I needed to go and go I did!

There was a good looking, handsome, healthy boy sitting next to me when I sat down. He looked at me and smiled, I smiled back. After the service ended, we sat there and talked for `bout an hour. We left in his Chevy pickup; he took me to the truck stop diner on north Glenstone where we had omelets and a glass of milk. …When I slipped out before daylight, I had made sure Gus Gore would remember me for a long, very long time. It was 4 a.m. when we took our second shower, this guy was GOOD!

When I made it back to the girls’ home, Tommy and Carol gave me a rough sexual workout. Never any bruises that would show, customers don’t pay well for damaged merchandise, and as I found out I was the top whore in this stable. I could completely satisfy any man or woman with my acquired abilities.

They both worked on me for 24 hours, before I got sent to the FARM for a week with a dozen outlaw bikers. 24 hours a day, I’d pass out and get a bucket of water thrown on my worn-out body. God! I bled for almost a month, thinking I might still die when I was taken back to Tommy for a couple days. Carol came in a few times to help her man make sure I could still satisfy customers. This was all back in 1970, I also learned they had several clients who requested me only. OK, I had met a boy that seemed to like me for me, but I couldn’t ever be with him again. I prayed, but nothing changed, I had to stay alive, and I couldn’t put him in danger.

There were some clients that were really nice to me, I enjoyed being with them, an extra favor could earn me a CASH bonus. $50 or even $100 that I could add to my stash I kept in the bus station locker. There was this one girl that wanted to be my friend, Ellen Foster. We both attended school two or three days a week, after class we would take care of a couple teachers.

If I would go back to see Gus again, the Walters couple would kill us both like they did with my parents. No more romantic flings for me, maybe I could make it to school two or three days a week. Male and female teachers were always glad to see me come to their classes. Sometimes I’d get paid a little extra if I did a little extra, or a gift from the local Adults ONLY store.

Bus stations have lockers that can be used for most anything, this is where I hid my stash. Money got mailed to myself at three local post offices. One male teacher helped me buy an old worn-out VW Beetle, which Ellen Foster, my only friend and I, planned to use to make a run for our lives.

Tommy & Carol Walters somehow figured out Ellen and I were planning to run; she was of less value to the teen girls’ operation. They took Ellen to the room they had used many times before for executions. I’ll remember her screams until the day I die, they used what was called “The Spike”. A 2-foot-long piece of stainless-steel tubing cut at an angle like a giant hypodermic needle. She was naked, strapped down to the table, her legs spread and the Spike was shoved inside her young body. First, her mouth was pried open and live bees poured in, then a couple snakes were dropped out of a gunny-sack onto her stomach. Ellen was deathly scared of snakes, they bit her repeatedly on her arms and upper torso. These two heathen knew how to bleed a young girl dry of her last ounce of blood. I was made to watch my only friend die a horrible death she did NOT deserve.

I knew right then that I had to get away, before I became the one strapped down to the table. School was finishing up this week, I’m five months pregnant, my car is now gone… I need a miracle NOW!

I prayed, then I ran to several locations around town trying to lose the constant tail (two of Tommy’s enforcers) who always followed me everywhere. Hoping I had lost them, I arrived in Guss’s backyard shortly after noon. Sitting down under the only tree, I waited for hours… This had to be the RIGHT choice, I was out of options

Cast of Characters
Marcella age 18, on the Run