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CBD is one HOT topic since President Trump signed the U.S. Farm Bill, December 20, 2018, making hemp farming LEGAL.

The 2018 Farm Bill establishes a new federal hemp regulatory system under the US Department of Agriculture which aims to facilitate the commercial cultivation, processing, and marketing of hemp. The 2018 Farm Bill removes hemp and hemp seeds from the statutory definition of marijuana and the DEA schedule of Controlled Substances. It even makes hemp an eligible crop under the federal crop insurance program. The 2018 Farm Bill also allows the transfer of hemp and hemp-derived products across state lines provided the hemp was lawfully produced under a State or Indian Tribal plan or under a license issued under the USDA plan. The hemp legalization is restricted to plants with low levels of delta-9-THC. It may have inadvertently allowed cultivation of hemp plants with high levels of delta-8-THC, which is also psychoactive and has since become more popular recreationally across the U.S.”

Successful Farming lists the: 7 key provisions of USDA’s hemp final rule now in effect, which explains the US government standards for commercial farming of hemp as a cash crop. Texas has listed Hemp Farming the #10 crop in their state. Walmart is now selling several CBD products, as are many other retailers. Swanson Health Products, 4075 40th Ave S, P.O. Box 2803, Fargo, ND 58108-2803 is where my wife and I have spent several hundred a month since 2008. Their selection since December 2018 of CBD products includes many brands, we use Swanson’s full spectrum CBD daily.

Today, we make our own CBD coffee using Swanson CBD hemp extract is expert formulated, 100% quality tested and uses non-GMO US-grown hemp. CBD hemp extract oils allow for flexible use and custom dosing—take it directly or add to recipes, easily adjust the dosage as you find what works best for your body. Swanson® CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil delivers 25 mg CBD from hemp per serving in a base of coconut MCT oil for improved absorption.

Three squirts from the bottle dropper into two scoops of coffee to make 12 cups of brewed coffee. Pour 26 oz. brewed coffee into a 34 oz cup, one squirt of Agave nectar, 34 drops of Swanson Alkaline Booster pH Protector Drops, then add 4 oz of whole milk. I personally drink two of these daily.

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