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The Dreams of Shelby Gore was designed to promote the book you see on your right. 212 pages of past and future sci-fi, about a 16-year-old girl who is having problems in school. Then the Hugo Ortega Colombian Cocaine cartel learns things about her that she does not even know yet. Grab this girl and you can take control of the Colombian government, MAYBE? Ortega tries to get others to join his plan, Pablo and Cuba’s Castro both turn him down, but there is still El Diablo himself, who says: “You won’t know what you can do unless you try.”

Shelby has already lost all her school age friends, even her former best friend Susie Wilson who only lives two doors west, will not speak to her at church. Discontinuing the every-Friday-night parties, she had hosted for the last six years, didn’t set well with other students. Here in Cedarville, you can either park by the town square, or find a deserted country road. Neither option is very private!

The Gores have a large back yard and a back screened in porch. Bad-weather curtains to drop down, and a propane outdoor fireplace make their 12-person spa usable year-round. The drive-in theater 11 miles west at Simple City closes when the weather gets cold, and it costs money. At Shelby’s parties, the food and drinks are always FREE. Shelby had NO RIGHT to take this outlet away.

Anyway, Shelby is a spoiled BRAT; she gets to ride her horse up at The Hill where it’s kept. She uses their running track, 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, and half-mile long year-round swimming pool like she owns the place. No one else except Susie Wilson was allowed to go up there, now since she and Shelby are on the outs, she can’t go either.

No one else has the Carter Security detail in the big GMC Suburban with blacked out windows that follows her everywhere she goes. Why does Shelby Gore need private security? Who is paying for six armed guards, the Suburban is new each year? The Gores are not rich, her dad is only the third shift supervisor at the local steel plant. Who paid the cost of hotdogs, hamburgers, and soft drinks at the weekly parties for the last six years? Propane is not cheap for the big custom stone fireplace.

The Dreams of Shelby Gore
The Dreams of Shelby Gore
Shelby loves Her Coffee
Sizzling HOT!

For years, Shelby was just a cute little blonde-haired girl seen around the town of Cedarville on her skateboard, or with her very attractive mother. Since she turned sixteen, students and parents have both been spreading rumors. Not one boy asked her to the Prom, she is only a sophomore, but she attended when she was in the Eighth Grade.

As a freshman she had four escorts. Her former Best Friend, Susie Wilson has really laid on the bad mouthing. Susie’s mother got Shelby removed as church pianist, the girl is a slut, and should be barred from any church related participation. Shelby has a goal, and she has been told by her parents, and the Sanders wives.

Maybe if you try really hard, you can get a date with a certain guy for the company Fourth of July picnic. That’s why she quit the Friday night parties, even cut out fun and games with male teachers after school. Willie Johnson has caused this girl to lose sleep since she first saw him when she was only nine. Over the last few years, even before she became a teenager Shelby Gore is known for liking grown men. To top things off, he is her dad’s boss at the steel plant and very rich. Willie Johnson has an absolutely gorgeous full-time woman companion. They have been together for years, so why would he be interested in this teenager? Employees at the steel plant have commented about an entire wall in Willie’s office covered with photos of this young girl since she was a baby.

Last year something that should not have happened, happened at the company’s fourth of July picnic?

Kare-Ann Young was 17 in 1957 when she became Willie Johnson’s assistant and companion, that’s 31 years. She and Shelby were friends, until just after the 1987 Fourth of July celebration. This woman has built a chain of twelve Young’s Family & Home Centers. For the last three plus years, she has used Shelby to model young women’s clothes for her advertising, but that has ended.

Shelby got picked to be on the same sandlot volleyball team with Willie. Their team won, women were hugging and kissing Willie. This 15-year-old girl saw her chance, she jumped him and kissed him on the mouth in front of over 1,000 witnesses. He took her in his hands and set her off, “Not now, we can’t”

On the following Monday when Shelby went to Young’s shopping for her mom. An announcement came over the PA system: “Shelby Gore, come to my office, NOW!” When the girl reached Kare-Ann’s office, she stuck her head in. “Get in here, sit down and keep your mouth shut. The stunt you pulled Saturday is a major problem. If anyone complains about you kissing Willie, with your reputation; we could have problems.”

“Do you have any idea what the age of Consent is in this State? It’s 17, you are only 15. I know all the stories about you and schoolteachers. We’ve paid out a lot of money keeping you out of trouble.”

“Don’t you ever come to my office again, If we need to talk, make it on a Sunday after church. I want you to cut out the parties and stay away from Willie Johnson. Do you understand?” Shelby got the stuff her mom had ordered and headed home.

A week later when she was back at Young’s shopping, a clerk dropped something into her sack…

Kare-Ann is Gorgeous