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Hello friends: I’m Jo, and this is the website for my many organically grown produce businesses. At each of my over 200 Jo’s Vegan Cafe locations, we serve only organically grown fruits and vegetables. In our attached Farmer’s Markets, we provide produce you can take home. Our large selection of vitamins and CBD products are available at each location.

Every carrot, radish, squash, grape, and apple are grown on my many farms here in the USA, and down at my home in Colombia. We provide the same quality of products year-round, since all of our farms are indoor rack farms. In Texas our farms are located on land that is considered desert. Rack farming uses less than 10% of the water needed by open land farming methods.

Back in 1915, I migrated to the great State of Texas for high school, then for college. By the summer of 1923 two masters’ degrees completed, 1 in agriculture, 1 in business, and a doctorate in Engineering. Late 1923 is when my father Juan Jones, let me take over management of his Colombian flower growing business, and the coffee plantations. With a little extra money I’d saved, I bought 1,000 acres of Texas desert containing 300 oil wells.

Josaphine Jones
vegan is healthy

When you acquire 300 oil wells and have 1,000 acres, you drill 700 more wells. Having a degree in Agriculture, I experimented with a process for using less water and growing more produce per acre. Greenhouses were built on vacant ground left between my oil wells.

I started with 5 shelves high, the roof of each greenhouse was covered solar transmission material. The power generated was used to light the interior as bright as day. Friends from many places helped me get my ideas organized.

My father was in charge of 100 transports being used to deliver food and supplies to mining camps. Antarctica, various areas of Africa, and underwater developments. 

Today, my indoor rack farms produce over 20 times the produce of a ten-acre plot in the same land space. We only use 10% of the water needed for open ground farming. Our indoor rack farms grow plants 24 hours a day/12 months a year. With our acrylic solar-panel roofs we never have to worry about crop damage due to hail or other adverse weather. Grow-light is constant at no cost to our business.

Since 1968, we’ve provided fresh produce to the USAF mining camp on Mars, which was a natural expansion. We’ve always supplied our many distribution customers on Mars, Venus, and the research facility on Earth’s lunar body.

Top Produce grower
Chara Florez-Jones

Since the year 2,000, I’ve started offering franchises to my many enterprising friends. They are able to distribute produce to local merchants at competitive prices, with faster delivery.

This is a recent photo of my friend Chara Florez-Jones. She and her husband Arlin are both from Colombia. Now they live in Tulsa where they manage the Midwest Motorcycle Dealers Association. They own 10 Jo’s Vegan Cafe locations within Oklahoma. She also sells a large number of motorcycles here in Colombia.

Chara comes to Colombia without her husband, when overseeing a motorcycle delivery of 100 units or more. Thus, she is able to stop by for a meal several times each year. Her family is from the Barranquilla area; he is from Medellin. Chara is fluent in three languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Their business quite well through out all of Latin America.

Arlin Jones is also the Director of the North American Heavy Weight Arm Wrestling Federation. They hold competitions several times each year to find the strongest and best in that field. This helps sell more bikes to the participants who are many times already bikers. Chara has been an avid biker herself since 1986.

This is Lisa Monet, the step-mother of Charles Oliveira. When her husband Roberto was murdered in São Paulo over a drug deal that didn’t workout in his favor. She and Charles decided to become business partners, moving to Buenos Aires, Argentina. They have invested heavily in their produce distribution to local merchants.

They and I have partnered building rack-farms in Chile, Bolivia, and Peru. Together we are the largest fruit producers of cherries, blueberries, grapes, stone fruit, citrus, and kiwifruit. No one else can produce year-round, so USA and European markets are now dominated by our supply system.

Lisa and I were childhood friends, both moving to Texas in 1915. We shared an apartment while attending high school and college. After college, Lisa moved to Santiago de León de Caracas, where she opened several restaurants over the next few years. Everything went along fine, until someone in the government discovered what made her coffee so irresistible.

Lisa Monet
Lisa Monet

My father and I bought her eleven restaurants, and continued selling her coffee. I have the largest coffee plantations in South America, and my father works for PSL Holdings, LTD out of Bogota. That got rid of the CBD in the coffee problem.

Sometime during the mid-1950s, Lisa got hooked up with Roberto Oliveira, who wanted to invest in her hemp growing enterprise. OK, as long as he didn’t get involved in cocaine or poppy fields. It didn’t take long to learn he was already doing illegal farming. Back then, nobody really cared how you made a living, so long as you had plenty of cash. 1963, all hell broke lose in Colombia and elsewhere. The Santeria had moved into every country in all of SA.

I was already expecting a call from my longtime friend, Roberto was dead and she needed some way out of Brazil.

Lisa's twin sister, Rosa
Lisa's twin sister Rosa

Lisa and I have always been friends, but her twin sister Rosa Rojas, is now my step-mother. By the time my mother had me, she and my father had split, because he is immortal. She wanted nothing to do with him. Shortly after, she got sick with Pneumonia and was found out on the street where she was living, dead.

As a kid, Rosa was always hanging around my father, doing odd jobs to make some extra money. Wanting to go along on trips to far away places. These girls were born in a similar situation as myself, except both of her parents were immortal, but didn’t want the responsibility that comes with twin baby girls.

My father hired a nanny for me, their parents hired the same woman, so we all three grew up together. Rosa loved using my father’s computer, so he got her one of her own. Rosa started taking engineering courses by the time she was eight. This girl was a technology fanatic. As Rosa grew older, it became very clear that my father had grown more than just fond of her.

Being 100% immortal, Rosa could bring into his life something my real mother never wanted to do. They have now been married for over 100 years and are together constantly. Rosa has taken pilot’s training, having achieved her license to fly the T-132. These are the most common transports used within our solar system.

Freight can be delivered in large quantities with a craft having a diameter of one quarter mile.

Rosa Rojas
Rosa loves emeralds