Don't Mess with Shelby Gore!

Looking Good
Looking Good

Preface of Book

How can a 16 yr old Get in this Much Trouble?

Looking Good

Shelby has Dreamed about one guy since she was 9, an older man, her Dad's boss...

Willie Johnson

“The Dreams of Shelby Gore” tells the story of what happens with a teen-age girl that is allowed to develop far beyond her actual years. Shelby killed a man when she was only four years old, he had come to their home in Cedarville to murder her momma and the kid. Tommy Walters never gave one thought he should worry about a little 4-year-old girl. There were no second chances being given out that day in the spring of 1975.

On Shelby’s 7th birthday, her present was a magnificent dark brown mountain horse with a blonde mane and tail. They immediately became friends; her best friend Susie Wilson was provided with another horse at The Hill (a high security resort community), so these two girls could go riding nearly every day down to the small private lake. The Gores had friends who lived there, making it possible for these girls to go swimming, take golf lessons, tennis lessons and run on their two-mile-long rubber running track.

Unknown to this young lady, Willie has been keeping his eyes on how her life is progressing even before she saw him. He knows about her run-in with the twelve hoodlums stealing old-folks Social Security money. That was the summer after she turned twelve, having already had her nipples pierced. This little hottie liked to stop daily to visit the old men who spend their days in the Town Square Park, playing checkers. Shelby has never been known for being bashful, she had shown them her modifications. Bringing these old guys up to date on what had taken place at last Friday night’s party. This girl already has C-cups at her young age, and freely gives out lots of hugs and snuggles to liven up the boring lives these old guys are stuck with.

Now, one of the old guys is gone, murdered, Old Bob was one of her friends and the same people are coming to get Shelby… It’s only four blocks until she will be safe at home, then Shelby and Momma can go up to The Hill for her evening run, that is her plan. Things can change FAST here in the small town of Cedarville, Missouri. Not one friend to keep her company, not one boy has asked her out in the last six and a half months.

It’s now mid-April and there’s a chance she may get a date with Willie for the company’s annual Fourth of July Picnic. Willie Johnson looks to be early to mid-thirties at the most, her parents have said she has a real chance. Shelby plans to make this older man one happy feller, her only obstacle is Kare-Ann that he’s lived with for how many years? Shelby and Kare-Ann used to be friends until last year’s July 4th picnic.

Beautiful and Peaceful
12-year-old Shelby

How much does Willie actually know about this young HOTTIE? For a teenager of only 16, Shelby has quite a reputation. Can he afford the damage that may result to his career if he becomes involved with this underage girl? The economic future of the town of Cedarville, Missouri depends on what happens to this girl in the next few minutes: four men from Medellin, Colombia SA were sent here with one JOB, they have their orders, “grab the girl and kill anyone who gets in your way”.

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