Don't Mess with Shelby Gore!

Looking Good

Damn that Girl

Some parents & teachers have complained this girl should be kicked out of school, but she maintains a 4.0 GPA. and there is a lot more most do not know.
Looking Good
Looking Good

Shelby Gore pretty well gets away with anything she wants to do, so long as nobody gets hurt. Every day out in front of the school, there is a new GMC Suburban with blacked out windows parked with six armed guards. This is nothing new, since the girl started kindergarten, they have always been there.

Her parents aren’t rich, so why does she need security? Out of town school events, the GMC is always present. This girl is cute, she is known to have stretched the rules far more than just once or twice. After school football practice her freshman year got added entertainment, the cheerleaders performed topless.

The very next day when an all-high school assembly was called. Shelby stated boldly: “Boys run around topless, why can’t us girls?” At which point everyone got to view her C-cup cuties, with pierced nipples and diamonds. None of the other girls can compare with this young out of control teenager.

Colonel Ted Sanders, chairman of the Cedarville State Bank got a call from the superintendent, begging him to talk with Shelby. That’s not Ted Sanders job, he has two gorgeous young-looking wives to handle such matters. And they both had a talk with her, they did just that. This girl is cute, she is not bashful, and she wants to make sure everyone knows first-hand just how cute her whole body is.

If Shelby has a favorite among the Sanders wives, it’s got to be Colonel Jodie Meyer. She’s the cute, coffee-skinned woman that gets talked about by all the old ladies of the town. This family moved to Cedarville when the steel plant was bought by the company from Colombia SA. They purchased 1,400 acres that was not for sale, but the original owners changed their minds when they received the offers in writing.

Kare-Ann Young is HOT!
Kare-Ann Young

There used to be three banks in this town, now there is only one. That was when the steel plant employed barely over 200. Now, they employ at least 1,000. Sanders has two wives who are best friends, Jessica the blonde and Jodie. They both drive cars that cost more than most of the houses in this town.

Many things have changed since the steel plant got sold. Two other steel plants in nearby towns joined the group, then the 1,400 acres got developed. It’s now high security, with armed guards, PGA sanctioned golf course, tennis courts, half-mile long swimming pool. There are lots more up there, they have bought most of the businesses in this town.

Another woman, Kare-Ann Young who lives up at The Hill as it’s called, bought the 3 grocery stores, the hardware store, lumberyard, two auto supplies, and the town’s only pharmacy. Then built a multi-story building one block square to house everything at one location. Shopping is more convenient, and her prices can’t be beat since she owns eleven more stores in near-by towns.

Kare-Ann’s companion, William L. Johnson is the general manager of Cedarville Steel, as well as being CEO of PSL Holdings, LTD. Bogota, Colombia SA.

Every summer, Cedarville Steel throws a Fourth of July Picnic. Last year, something happened that was not supposed to happen. The annual sandlot volleyball game ended with Willie’s team winning, Shelby was on his team, after they won, women were jumping up and down, kissing Willie. The fifteen-year-old teenager saw her chance and jumped on Willie with arms around his neck and legs around his waist. She kissed him on the lips, he pushed her back and said something to her. There have been rumors ever since.

Jodie Meyer
Colonel Jodie Meyer
Shelby Gore
Shelby Gore

This teenage girl must learn how to Fight organized crime to the DEATH, her life depends on it, NOW!

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