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Shelby’s Coffee with CBD

Shelby's Coffee with CBD is the way to start your day; don't buy the $40/pound at your local CBD shop, you can make better. Folgers from Sam's and CBD drops from Swanson.
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How to Brew Your Own CBD Coffee

Even when the snow is falling:  people in Cedarville, Missouri enjoy their CBD Coffee. Young’s has always had CBD, long before it became legal in the USA December 20, 2018. Reason being they are located as an extended part of the Colombian Consulate General, Cedarville, MO.

Now anyone in ALL 50 states:  can receive the many benefits of CBD oil. Michael J. Fox has used it to overcome the effects of Parkinson’s Disease. Tommy Chong and his wife as California residents have enjoyed the pain relieving benefits for several years.

People who complain about CBD oil making them sick to their stomach, do not follow legitimate directions. Soft gels with your other supplements and vitamins, need to be taken with a full glass of water and food. After a meal is the best option, I take my one 15/mg soft gel in the morning with breakfast. A second 15/mg soft gel after I finish dinner in the evening.

During the day:  I consume two 34 oz. cups of my coffee mixture. In a 12-cup coffee maker, place 2 scoops of ground coffee, add two droppers of Swanson CBD mint flavored oil on top of the coffee grounds. Brew as normal; to a 34 oz. cup, add 26 oz. fresh brewed CBD coffee, one squirt of Agave Nectar, 30 Ph Balance drops from Swanson, add fresh whole milk.

Shelby Loves Her Coffee!
Shelby Loves her COFFEE!
Shelby Gore
Shelby Gore

This teenage girl must learn how to Fight organized crime to the DEATH, her life depends on it, NOW!

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