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No Missouri UFOs ever!

NO Missouri UFOs ever, and more LIES have filled the news media for over 70 years, so WHY trust the NEWS now? FACTS do NOT count with Earth's government ideals.
T-582 in Earth's atmosphere
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1,000 Witnesses including local citizens, schoolteachers, USAF General Curtis E. LeMay, USAF Colonel Gray of Project Blue Book, local, county and State police make no difference. It never happened and that is final, so quit talking about what really happened. Back in the mid-1950s outside Mountain View, MO, there was an event. This took place at the small farm belonging to Buck Nelson.

At that time, I attended church at the Mansfield Assembly of God. The pastor told his congregation not to attend what had been described on the front page of the Springfield News & Leader. If they exist, they must be demons from Hell.

Frank Farmer had written an article published the previous Monday. He told of an interview he’d done the day before with 17-year-old Bucky Nelson. A cousin to old Buck, who was now teaching English at a University on the planet Venus. Everyone knows Venus can’t support any life, and definitely not human life as we know it. So, say scientists who have never been closer to that planet than over 25.5 million miles.

They can’t solve Earth’s crime, or environmental problems, but they know all about what it’s like on a planet where they have never been. Ever wonder why Earth is such a mess?

Over the next few years, I had the opportunity to become acquainted with several people who did attend. A Springfield jeweler who flew his friend (Farmer) down to Mountain View. My High School principal: Charles F. Calame, who attended with a friend. His friend was General Curtis E. LeMay.

LeMay at that time was the commander of Offutt USAF base south of Omaha, NE. He attended with Colonel Gray who headed up Project Blue Book, Wright Patterson USAF base, Dayton, OH. Colonel Gray was removed from USAF records, he was listed as killed in an accident one night in 1956 on base. A closed casket funeral was held for him at Wright Patterson, and his car was never explained. This same night Indianapolis, Dayton, and Colombus had to close their commercial airports for the reason given as unexplained aircraft in this area.

The night he vanished was the night all Project Blue Book records were transported to Groom Lake, NV (Area 51). In 1957, Gray published his exposé about this TOP SECRET operation. He received help including documents from the Royal UK Air Force, photos, etc. giving dates and names. Several events were included and explained as to what had really happened.

This book has since been REMOVED from every known source; schools and public libraries included. The librarian at the Wright County Library in Mansfield, Missouri obtained a copy for me to read in 1958. As the General said: “Writes a pretty good book for a dead man!

Colonel Gray was promoted to Liaison Officer for the USAF with civilizations on Mars and Venus. Essential personal at a USAF base in Hawaii have talked about meeting him when he flies into Earth’s atmosphere at over Mach 7 (5000 mph). His craft is placed inside a secure hangar, while the Colonel is driven into town. The next day, he leaves after his craft is thoroughly inspected by USAF engineers.

Shelby Gore
Shelby Gore

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