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Men you can have what you have always wanted...
Men you can have what you have always wanted...
Looking Good
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Being a Model sounds exciting: Travel to far-away places, in front of cameras, participate in all the action, have your pictures in magazines, and on TV. WOW! This is the good life, you have the looks, your body is perfect, got a great tan.

The clothes, the parties, the people you will meet, dine with the stars. Date rich men, just always show your BEST, and be friendly to those you meet. Some guy may offer to put you in the movies.

You are only 14 or 16, but you can pass for older. No problem, you just get a new ID. Haven’t got a driver’s license, someone will take you where ever you need to go. Your new friends are very helpful, they take you to parties. Not being a virgin, just enjoy your new great life. Are you on birth-control so you will not get pregnant? Your latest new friend is someone you can talk to, don’t worry so much. We can take care of any problems that may come up.

Hey, there is this guy that is asking to meet you. You agree to go out to dinner, then you go to another party after. His friends want to be your friends too. Just let your hair down and enjoy, the high was FREE. Maybe you did let things go too far, but it was a fun time. Nobody got hurt and you’ll be okay when the morning comes. You got to sleep after 8 a.m., but you have friends who care about you, Right?

The guy you’re out with tonight is so stoned, you do the driving and it’s time for another party with your new friends. Have a drink, smoke a custom rolled cigarette, have another drink. Let yourself go, everyone here is your friend, this guy has his own jet and he wants you to go home with him. He forgot to tell you he lives in Colombia, SA., and this is your new home.

There are things the ads failed to tell you. Most so-called agencies are actually escort services looking for new talent. You sign up with a manager, who will handle your financial affairs. Before you decide to become a model, you need to get a good basic business education.  You need to be at least age 21 and own a good reliable car. Just in case you make a wrong decision and need to run away. 

The younger you are, the better you look, the better they will get paid. There is more to being a model than just your good looks. The agency gets paid, you don’t. You will need a good attorney, if you can make them your special friend, that is usually better. If you like to get stoned, the drugs will be available until you get so stoned you can’t perform. This is when you get sold to another agency.

How good do you look? Are you losing weight? Is your tan fading from too many late nights? Do you spend any time in a gym? Are your muscles losing their tone, and do you feel tired most of the time? You signed the agreement with that manager, who maybe now running you into the ground. Do NOT trust anyone too far, always look for a way out, before you make a deal.

Maybe if you are lucky, you will get to participate in an auction, where you get sold to go to the highest bidder.  If he or she is rich, and you work really hard to build a new solid relationship with your owner. Well, you may live to see age 25, if the parties don’t destroy your tan. Health can go downhill in a fast spiral, too skinny, or gain weight and you get sold again to someone who doesn’t care. Muscle tone is very important to your future, you need good vitamins if you are to survive.

Get an education before you decide to become a model.

Susie Wilson
The Good Life
Marcie Prine
Marcella age 14 at her home

Marcella Prine was only 14 when things turned BAD

Being in the eighth grade, this cute blonde teenager had her whole life to look forward to. Her father was a highly successful lawyer in Springfield. Their home was a large ranch style overlooking Lake Springfield. Mom and Dad were her best friends, they attended church together every week. Then the unthinkable happened, turning her life into a living HELL.

Her father’s law partner Tommy Walters, had gotten involved with organized crime: murder for hire, teenage prostitution, extortion, and anything if the price is right. John Prine talked with local judges, a federal prosecutor, and a congressman. It turned out they were all doing business with Tommy, “Just keep your mouth shut and enjoy the profits.” He did eventually find a federal prosecutor in Nashville that agreed to look into the matter if Prine could bring him the proof.

The evening after her parents flew to Nashville, the young girl was doing her homework on the kitchen table when the doorbell rang. When she looked out a side window, it was two policemen. She opened the door and inquired: “Hi officers, What’s up?”

The officers replied: “Your parents are Dead! Their plane exploded as they were trying to take stolen money to a bank somewhere. You are to come with us, we’re to take you to your new home.”

“The Greene County Home for Runaway Girls is where you’ll be living in the future. Put your hands behind your back so we can cuff you. A local judge has taken this house for the court filed documents. Tommy Walters will explain it all to you when you get to your new home.”

One officer asked: “This is a nice house, how `bout we make use of one of the bedrooms? Walters said we could have a little fun and she is a real cutie.”

The other officer replied: “There’s no set time for us to deliver her. You hold her and I’ll undress her.” as he grabbed my top, ripping it off, then the shorts I was wearing. “She looks like a virgin, give me your night stick so I can make sure she can handle us both.”

I tried to fight them off, but I ended up naked on the floor, with the nightstick rammed up me front and back. God! it hurt as I got manhandled and raped. I passed out from the pain, and when I came to this process continued for hours as the officers satisfied theirselves with my young body.

When they finally finished, they wiped me off with a wet towel, put a strait jacket on me fastened as tight as they could get it. Stuffed a washcloth in my mouth to stop me from screaming. Once in the patrol car, the two rapist officers bragged about what a good piece I was, as they took me to the Walters home. “I know several old guys who would pay $500 or even $1,000 to have her for a full night.” …one officer was saying, as the other agreed.

Marcella trying to escape
Trying to get away
Marcy after the farm

I was escorted into the Walters large home to Carol, Tommy’s wife, who I soon found out liked to play with young girls. “Marcy, you little bitch, you see what happens when you try to cross Tommy and me? Like your parents, you’ll end up dead!” as she and Tommy removed the strait jacket from my naked, somewhat dirty body. They hosed me down inside and out in a large basement shower, as Tommy raped me for what seemed like hours. Carol liked to ram a night stick up my rear. I passed out several times, as I heard them discussing sending me to the farm for additional training.

Arriving at the Farm, I learned really fast, there was no escaping my fate. There were two other girls I knew from school who were here to receive more needed training from a group of outlaw bikers. The group changed from day to day as I spent my week three guys at a time. Many times I prayed to God, just to let me die. Somehow I survived and was sent back to the Walters home, to watch as one of the other girls who got tortured until she couldn’t scream any more and died.

Women WANT to look your BEST, and get all you can get... RIGHT?
Women WANT to look your BEST, and get all you can get... RIGHT?
Henry "Hank" Fulk

Henry "Hank" Fulk

Henry “Hank” Fulk, Published Author, "The Dreams of Shelby Gore" as a South Missouri teenage girl is forced to Grow-Up quickly, having to FIGHT organized Crime to stay alive. Someone has to take a stand, and when there is no one else, it's up to you.

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