Don't Mess with Shelby Gore!

Looking Good

Why Best Friends?

Best Friends since childhood until the parties ended, then things changed and the whole town of Cedarville was involved. Things CHANGE!
Shelby looking Sexy
Dressed for School

Susie Wilson has been her friend since playing together as small children. Then September 28, 1987, was Shelby’s 16th birthday and she announced the end of the Friday night parties. This affected every teenage couple at Cedarville High. Susie’s mother asked the pastor of their church to remove Shelby from playing the church piano on Sundays.

That hurt! Shelby had played the church piano since she wasn’t big enough to reach the pedals. Susie started a revolt against Shelby Gore, resulting in this gorgeous teenager not getting asked out on one date since her birthday. Not one boy invited her to the Junior-Senior Prom. She had attended when she was just in the eighth grade. Shelby is the star of Cedarville’s Track team, that couldn’t be changed. A 4-minute mile at every meet! Pole vaulting and broad jump, she set records here too.

As captain of the A-String cheerleaders, not even Susie could handle that task. BUT she did get the other girls to dump Shelby off the top of the pyramid formation. This didn’t really work out that good, with the cute blonde teenager doing a mid-air somersault, and landing in a split with her hands raised like it was planned. Susie did miss horseback riding up at The Hill, the no dress code swimming year-round in their half mile long resort-style pool.

Are all the high school boys at Cedarville High just plain stupid? Shelby has not had one date since her birthday; Susie’s last date was New Year’s Eve. These two girls sizzle when they walk into any room, and six years of Friday Nite parties, even a blind man should be able to see they are extremely HOT!

These two are not the goodie two-shoes type, they both like boys and are 100% able to communicate their desires. Could these two young ladies be too cute for the other girls to compete? Has someone been telling stories?

How do you make up stories about these two, everyone in town know them too well. Shelby got the cheerleaders to practice topless so she could show off her pierced nipples. All the students know about the Friday night parties, which keeps every attendee happy.

5 ft & Cute, Susie Wilson
perfectly landscaped
The Hill landscaping

The Hill is a beautiful place to live anytime of the year; PGA sanctioned golf course, tennis courts, 1/2-mile-long pool and much more. Life is good for the people fortunate enough to live here. The homes are luxurious in every detail, with daily help to maintain the resident’s lifestyle. Evening meals are always provided at the Dining-Hall, where daily happenings are updated and discussed.

April 14th, 1988, something happened that changed Shelby’s future, and the future of Cedarville as a whole. Lieutenant General Ozzie Ormand moved to Cedarville, assuming his position as Consulate General for the country of Colombia. Ozzie moved in with Kare-Ann Young, which meant Willie Johnson needs another place to live.

Shelby was walking alone on her way home about one block south of the High School. Four men in an old car, jumped the curb, and tried to grab Cedarville’s track star. This was a big mistake on their part since she was already not in a good mood. The Springfield TV news told a story that evening of the attempted kidnapping of this teenage girl. Maybe not having all the facts as they really happened, which would be a little hard to believe. Telling that this girl had a private Security Detail was easier for everyone’s understanding.

The very next day, Shelby came to school wearing a five-carat plus diamond and emerald ring, but not everyone was happy about this turn of events. The local weekly newspaper soon carried a story that Willie Johnson has resigned as general manager of Cedarville Steel, Gus Gore is being promoted to take this position.

Rumors start flying, Willie Johnson and Shelby Gore are seen sitting together at church on Sunday holding hands. Why such a hurried romance? Could this young girl with a not so nice reputation be? He does live at The Hill, and for years, she has always spent all her spare time up there. Her parents move into a new house at The Hill. Within only a few days, Shelby drives to school in a new white Cadilac Alante convertible.

Too HOT for school
Shelby Gore
Shelby Gore

This teenage girl must learn how to Fight organized crime to the DEATH, her life depends on it, NOW!

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