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Join Shelby Gore, her friends, and family for a cup of her favorite CBD Coffee. Compared to ordinary coffee, you will feel the difference.
Shelby Loves Her Coffee!
Shelby Loves her Coffee

When Shelby was six, she drank coffee, even before that when she first came to Cedarville at the age of one, she had a Sippy cup full of Coffee. This girl needs her coffee, until she heads off to bed, it makes her sleep better. Remember Shelby is not like other people, she sees something needing to be done, she just does it.

Exercise and a healthy diet are how she has survived. The residents of Cedarville have heard many rumors about this young girl over the years she and her family have lived here. Stories get blown out of proportion, when no one wants it known she killed 10 grown men when she was only twelve. Old folks in this south Missouri town are grateful this story is true.

No one knows about what happened when she was four. Tommy Walters died in his cell in the prison at Jefferson City. Everybody that knew Walters feel his past caught up with him. His widow keeps her mouth shut; she has a life sentence to serve. Maybe it was a parent of one of the girls they murdered?

This is the same coffee served at all of Jo’s Vegan Cafes, here in the USA, and down in South America where she now lives.

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Shelby and her Coffee!
Shelby Gore
Shelby Gore

This teenage girl must learn how to Fight organized crime to the DEATH, her life NOW depends on it! There is more to life than just being cute.

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