Don't Mess with Shelby Gore!

Looking Good

Why CBD in Your Coffee?

Beautiful and Peaceful

Your coffee, a great way to improve your health with CBD, many are finding they can relieve pain, sleep better, making life more enjoyable.

UFOS in South Missouri


UFOS in South Missouri, there have been many stories, but NO PROOF according to the Springfield NEWS. Why all the stories? Shelby knows the TRUTH!

Get Ready… Escape from HELL!

Marcella trying to escape

Get Ready… What Comes Next! 4 years of HELL, How did Marcella and Gus get picked to adopt Shelby, dodging organized crime is NOT easy.

Turning Twelve

12-year-old Shelby

Shelby Turned Twelve, instantly she thought she was an adult, ready to make her own life decisions that would affect other people. Soon things didn’t go her way.