Don't Mess with Shelby Gore!

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UFOS in South Missouri?

Missouri has a Reputation as a very Entertaining place to Visit or Live.


UFOS in South Missouri, there have been many stories, but NO PROOF according to the Springfield NEWS. Why all the stories? Shelby knows the TRUTH!

YOU don't Believe in UFOs?

Do YOU have other problems with handling Reality? Back in the 1950s, a dumb old farmer at Mountain View Missouri took a trip… Read the story below Shelby’s update…

Looking Good
Best in Cedarville

Shelby Gore knows ALL the South Missouri Secrets: somethings outsiders are NOT supposed to know. Some people in the US Government want her and her friends and family DEAD at any cost. Just one problem, this girl is one hell of a fighter and will NOT go quietly. Her family and friends are not all of this world, though many live and work here and have for thousands of years. Shelby’s parents, Gus and Marcella Gore were warned she would be a handful, before she was adopted in Bogota back on September 28, 1972, her first birthday.

Down in Cedarville, Missouri there are many stories about this beautiful young woman; she is just NOT normal. Shelby is the star of the high school track team for the last three years, first running a four-minute mile when she was in the eighth grade on the high school team. Cedarville needed a winner; this girl was clocked running two miles in only seven minutes back when she was only twelve, without being short of breath.

Why would the top Colombian Drug Cartel send four of their meanest and deadliest enforcers to grab this girl two blocks from her school? Maybe they should have sent ten or twenty, how many ever they send are going home in body-bags. This girl must be very good at the art of self-defense, this is how she has survived this far into her young life. If Ortega had checked this girl out better, he’d have known: You don’t want to Mess with Shelby Gore. When she was only four, she killed Tommy Walters, who was found sitting in his cell on Death Row holding his severed head in his hands, with blood even on the ceiling.

When Shelby was twelve she liked to stop by the town square and talk with the old men who spent their days sitting on park benches, playing checkers. This cute very young woman, wasn’t bashful, she talked freely about her Friday night parties. Shelby showed the old men, her pierced nipples, and shared many hugs and squeezes. They asked her many questions and received honest answers.

On one of her frequent visits, she learned 12 hoodlums from Mtn. High came by monthly to take their Social Security check money. Even the local Police were too scared to interfere with this crime, these old folks had no money left to buy groceries or anything else. This young girl decided she couldn’t let her friends’ problems continue, first she arranged a few free meals for these destitute people and planned what to do next.

With help from a few friends…

The TRUTH about Buck Nelson!

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Shelby is a HOTTIE!

The man’s name was Buck Nelson, the booklet he wrote was called: “My Trip to Mars, the Moon, and Venus”, it’s been reprinted and is available on Amazon.

I visited Buck during the summer of 1964 at his Mountain View home. Over 1000 people witnessed one of his visitors on a Sunday afternoon in about the summer of 1955. Some of those who attended were interviewed by myself: USAF 4-Star General Curtis E. LeMay, who I talked with at the home of my friend Louis G. “Andy” Anderson in autumn 1959, they had both been present at the event. Colonel Gray who commanded Project Blue Book at Wright Patterson USAF base was there, confirmed by LeMay and several of his friends. Gray has been removed from USAF records as if he never existed. The book he wrote in 1957, a year after government sources say he died.

Frank Farmer, a reporter for the Springfield News & Leader, had interviewed Nelson’s 17-year-old cousin Bucky the previous Sunday at Nelson’s home. Bucky was teaching English at a university on the planet Venus since his parents had made an agreement four years earlier. A front-page article appeared on Monday, inviting everyone who wanted to see a real flying spacecraft, to be present.

T-582 in Earth's atmosphere
Getty image: T-582 in Earth's atmosphere
Buck Nelson
Buck Nelson 1966

Charles F. Calame, Mansfield High School Principal (thru 1963-64 year), a friend of LeMay from WWII, attended, he and LeMay made several visits to Buck’s home over the next few years. A Springfield jeweler, who was a pilot, flew Farmer to Mountain View both Sundays and attended the event. I had several in-depth conversations with this man, at Andy’s home over several years’ time. Local, county, and State police attended to control traffic, and the mob of people who attended. LeMay, Gray, and Frank Farmer were taken for a short ride in the craft. LeMay was allowed to take the controls and fly the craft for a short time. LeMay kept MPs from seizing the craft when they exited. Nelson quickly closed the door, left in his craft heading toward the planet Venus, reaching over Mach 7 (5000 mph) by the time he left Earth’s atmosphere, with USAF fighters giving chase.

When Farmer got back to the Springfield News & Leader that Sunday evening, the men in Black were already there removing ALL the newspaper’s files. ALL employees including Farmer and the lady who owned the paper at that time, were told the story would not be published and the previous Monday’s article was to be removed from all records. Repeat anything about this and we will be back, we know who you each one are and we know where you live and all your family members.

Charles Calame and I spent hours discussing in Science class, what had happened at Buck’s home several years earlier. 

Nelson's booklet
My Trip to Mars, the Moon, and Venus