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Shelby Gore is a BRAT!

Shelby Gore has quite a reputation, she wants noticed as the sexiest girl in the whole Cedarville High School.
You Women WANT to always look your BEST... RIGHT?
You Women WANT to always look and be at your BEST... RIGHT?

How Can She Get Away with What She Does?

Shelby dresses better
Shelby Gore Sizzles

OK, it’s a fact Shelby Gore sizzles; everywhere she goes for the last few years, this teenager has set fires others had to invest time and money to put out. Shelby Gore is a BRAT! The Friday night parties at the Gore home raised questions that have never been answered but kept many problems from happening.

Though, stories about the principal, superintendent, the coach, math, and science teachers have been harder to keep locals from talking about. To say Shelby is a Brat, is an understatement. Maybe an out-of-control teenage slut that needs to be reprimanded or even expelled. She is a straight-A student and star of the high school track team consistently running a 4-minute mile. Broad jump and pole-vaulting records have been set too, they won’t let her throw a discus or shotput, it might affect her other abilities.

When a teacher complains that Miss Gore is dressed improper for school when she wears such as this pink number, she gets sent to the office. This girl makes one phone call, then goes back to class, and the teacher gets called to the office. Some parents have questioned why a GMC Suburban of armed guards is allowed to be parked outside the school every day. Been there every school day since the first day she entered pre-school.

Cedarville, Missouri is a small town of 1,400, Cedarville Steel employs over 1,000. The three-story Young’s Family and Home Center employs over 200 here, Cedarville State Bank employs near 100. Colonel Ted Sanders is chairman of the board of the town’s only bank, and also president of the company that owns the steel plant. Ted and his two wives, Jessica and Jodie are among Shelby’s closest friends, helping to make sure this girl succeeds in whatever she proposes to do. They keep this young girl’s horse up at The Hill (1400 acres of secure luxury), where they live. So, I like to show off my year-round perfect tan…

This young HOTTIE makes use of all the facilities: year-round swimming, 18-hole PGA sanctioned golf course, tennis courts, and two-mile running track. Some say she acts like she owns this private location built just for the ultra-rich. Her dad is only the third shift supervisor at the local steel plant, so the Gore family are not that rich, they live in a large, white-washed brick ranch on Main Street. This girl has not yet got her driver’s license, though she has been driving for several years.

I’m tougher than I look, I qualified for the High School track team when I was in the sixth grade. Some smart-ass parents complained so I couldn’t compete in any of the meets. Run faster than any other student, jump further, and I was the captain of the Junior Varsity cheerleaders. The coach took me to a meet in Springfield that year, not to compete, but to be officially timed. Got the high school cheerleaders to perform topless when I was a freshman, so I could show off what I have. My nipples are absolutely gorgeous with diamond shields and bars.

Okay, I was asked to not come back until I’m fifteen. My 3.5-minute mile was too fast to be counted, same with my pole vault that measured 15 feet 6 inches, and did a somersault over the top landing on my feet. Sure got some people pissed off for not landing on my but. If others can’t compete with me, that’s not my problem, the other girls need to step up their game. Every boy in the entire high school know personally what I can do, they have all been to my Friday night parties.

My eighth-grade year when I was 14, they did let me compete with a 4-minute mile, and a 14-foot pole vault. Still people complained that I cheated, said my shoes were not regulation. My shoes are all custom made, so they hold up when I need some extra speed. Why should I have to apologize for being one kick-ass teenager. Have now, 2 years in a row with 4 First Place finishes each. What pisses me off is the fact I’ve not had one boy ask me out in six and half months. Didn’t get to go to the Prom, I went when I was in the eighth grade, two boys escorted me last year as a freshman. I know it’s supposed to be just juniors and seniors, but I’m the hottest girl around Cedarville High. I’m not conceited, I can see myself in a mirror. Every high school boy that came to my parties seemed to enjoy my good looks and friendly ways. It’s a fact, I like boys, …I love BOYS! though lately I must have been blacklisted, WHY?

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Shelby Gore
Shelby Gore

This teenage girl must learn how to Fight organized crime to the DEATH, her life depends on it, NOW!

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